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Are you having issues with radiators not heating up properly? If so it is extremely likely that over the years there has been a gradual build up of metal oxides, sludge and gunk.

This is common especially in older houses or apartments. The weight of the build up of sludge is preventing the water circulating within your central heating system. This causes cold spots and radiators not reaching the proper temperature. It also means your boiler is using more gas or oil trying to reach temperature costing you money.

Our power flushing machines

We take pride in knowing we have the best power flushing machines on the market, We only use the Kamco CF 40 models to flush your system. These machines can flush up to 24 radiators over 3 floors. This means they have the pressure to thoroughly clean your system.

How we power flush your system

We arrive at 9 am approximately. We check for any system defects. For example if a secondary expansion vessel has blown we can't flush. Please note we can't flush on the old steel gun barrel pipework. This is because the metal oxides have often caused pin holing over the years, this is filled by sludge. This means when we flush the pin holes become apparent and you get leaks.

If all is good to go we connect up the machine and add a cleaning chemical. We flush through until the water become clear. We can see when all the gunk and sludge has been dislodged. We then run through an inhibitor chemical to protect the system. Finally, we close up the system check for air locks, fire up the boiler and away you go.

Time wise, for a small system 5 hours approx, medium, 6- 7 hours.Large system a full day.

Magna cleaning valve

Power flushing Magna clean valve

It might be worth considering a Magna clean valve after your flush. As water circulates through your heating system the valve collects all metal oxides and sludge keeping your system clean. Easy to empty and refit (you empty every 6 months). This can be plumbed in to your system at the same visit.

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