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Central heating services

At plumbersdublin365 we cover all central heating services that you could need. As you can see in the picture above there are many things that can wear out or go wrong over a period of time. We'll go through a few.

Hot water cylinder. These are made of copper and come insulated. There are 2 things that can go wrong with them usually. Firstly, over a period of time metal oxides wear away at the soft copper. This causes pitting and develops in to pin holes causing the cylinder to leak. Unfortunately it's time to change your cylinder. 

Secondly, each cylinder comes with either 1 immersion going in to the top of the cylinder or 2 immersions going in to the side. One day you wake up to have a shower and their is no hot water. The element or elements have burnt out. As  part of our central heating services we can replace your  cylinder (new ones come complete with immersions). We can also supply and fit new elements.

Attic water storage tank. Firstly make sure it has a lid. This prevents debris or even rodents getting in and it getting blocked. The most common thing that can go wrong is the ball valve and float go. This can easily be fixed by plumbersdublin365.

Another thing to look out for is in older houses they have the old type of galvanized steel tank. These are not up to current building regulations standards. If you have one we recommend swapping it out. This is because if it burst your insurance company may not want to pay up due to it being sub standard.

What else do our central heating services cover?

Radiators. Over time these can wear from metal oxides causing pin holes and subsequently leaks. We can supply and fit new ones at a great price. Radiators not heating up? This is due to a build up of metal oxides and sludge. We can power flush your system. 

Thermostatic radiator valves gone, return valve shot? Our experienced plumbers can fix these issues.

Pipe work. Leaking or broken fittings, we can repair it.

Pumps. Like everything these wear out over the years. We are happy to give a free quote to replace your pump.

For help with any of the above central heating services just call 01-687 4853.





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